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Template: /share/production/deployment/vinsuite-production/cfcs/cartitems.cfc
Execution Time: 20.2 ms
Record Count: 0
Cached: No
Lazy: No
,dbo.BankersRound(ci.Price,2) AS Price
,(ci.Quantity*ci.OriginalPrice) as ExtendedOriginalPrice
,(ci.Quantity*dbo.BankersRound(ci.Price,2)) as ExtendedPrice
,(ci.Quantity*ci.OriginalShippingPrice) as ExtendedOriginalShippingPrice
,(ci.Quantity*ci.ShippingPrice) as ExtendedShippingPrice
,(ci.Quantity*ci.CustomizedPrice) as ExtendedCustomizedPrice
,case when ci.priceunits = 'Case(s)' then case when ci.quantity=0 then cast(0 as money) else case when ci.bottlecount=0 then cast(0 as money) else cast(dbo.BankersRound(ci.Price,2)/(ci.bottlecount * ci.quantity) as money) end end else cast(dbo.BankersRound(ci.Price,2) as money) end as UnitPrice
,isnull(ci.CustomizedPrice, dbo.BankersRound(ci.Price,2)) as RealPrice
,0 as EffectivePrice
,0 as ExtendedEffectivePrice
FROM CartItems ci
left join winebottlesizes wbs on ci.winebottlesizeid = wbs.winebottlesizeid
left join products p on p.productid = ci.productid
WHERE ci.CartID='E0D93AAF-63F4-42E2-8203-AA8A8FD2DBE0'
ORDER BY ci.DateAdded
  CartItemID ThirdPartySupplierID ThirdPartyStoreID WineryID CartID isWine BottleCount Quantity ProductCategoryID ProductTypeID ProductPriceID ProductID ProductKeyID ProductPriceKeyID ProductName ProductSKU Description OriginalPrice Discount Price OriginalShippingPrice ShippingDiscount ShippingPrice isLowestCostShipping DiscountOld PriceUnits Weight WineTypeID WineVintage isCase WineBottleSizeID winebottlesize WineBrandID WineVarietalID WineAppellationID ProductReportTypeID ShipperID ShippingSKU DateAdded DateModified WishListQuantity CustomizedPrice TokenID KitID ExtendedOriginalPrice ExtendedPrice ExtendedOriginalShippingPrice ExtendedShippingPrice ExtendedCustomizedPrice UnitPrice RealPrice RefundAmount OriginalCartItemID photopath picture EffectivePrice ExtendedEffectivePrice

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