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Vintage 2011
Winemaker Harry Hansen
Hecho de nuestras mejores uvas de Cabernet Sauvignon, el platino es nuestro más puro, más intenso y más seductoramente suave vino tinto. Decisiones reflexivas, del viñedo de abastecimiento a través de la elaboración del vino, se reflejan en el equilibrio y el polaco de este vino muy oscuro y decadente. Las uvas, recogidas en su pico, entregan capas profundas de la cereza negra, arándano, ciruela especiado y grafito, estructurado por taninos maduros. Notas de cacao y especias de barricas de roble francés de la horquilla la fruta intensa y gracia el final. Para todo su poder, boca es aterciopelado y felpa, una firma de este distinguido vino.

Vineyard Notes

Our Platinum Reserve is made from finest grapes that our Napa Valley vineyards deliver in a particular vintage. In 2011, approximately half of the grapes came from Yountville, which provided the structure, body and intensely concentrated dark fruit for the foundation of the wine. Another third of the fruit came from two vineyards in the Lake Hennessy area. Located in the hills of Napa Valley, these higher-elevation, western-facing vines produce ripe flavors. The remainder came from Rutherford and Diamond Mountain Ranch, two of our favorite areas for producing complex Cabernet Sauvignon.

Winemakers Note

“Hand crafted and hand cared for, every drop of this wine is made in our reserve winery and every berry is sorted multiple times before being put in the fermenter” explains Director of Winemaking Harry Hansen. By maintaining small lots, we cater our decisions to draw out the very best that the fruit can offer. We used several fermenting vessels, including open top bins, oak barrels and stainless steel tanks, creating complexity and layers. We used a majority of new French oak for aging, leaving a touch of refined spices and structure.