Vintage Multiple

REGULARLY $179.98 - ONLY $149.98 when you buy a 12 Pack.

In this 19 Crimes Wine 12-Pack, you will receive:

2 bottles each of the following:

2017 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon - Wonderfully paired with a midnight's escape. Ingeniously smooth, infamously subtle. Add it to your next night out, and you'll have the perfect partner in crime.

2016 19 Crimes Red Wine - Our red blend bears the same traits as those banished to Australia. Defiant by nature, bold in character. Always uncompromising. It's a taste you'll never forget.

2016 19 Crimes Shiraz - Criminally intense vanilla aromatics are balanced with ripe raspberry and plum fruits. Full and round bright-red wine with crimson hues give way to subtle sweetness on the palate.

2016 19 Crimes The Banished - A blend that is brooding with richness. Like the wine rations served on convict ships, every sip deserves to be savored.

2016 19 Crimes Hard Chard - Our Hard Chard honors the brave contributions of the women banished to Australia with the boldest expression of Chardonnay we could make.

2016 19 Crimes The Warden
- Don't let this masterful blend escape you. Each powerful note brings you one step closer to a night filled with mischief and fun.