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Vintage 2013
Wine Type Red
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Region Rutherford
Winemaker Jeffrey Stambor
The 2013 season has a warm, dry spring with early bud break and ideal conditions for flowering and fruit set. Without surprises throughout the growing season, temperatures were consistent and favorable, resulting in notably healthy vines as fruit went through veraison and ripening. The overall dry season made for an early and condensed harvest. This unique vintage character clearly marks this wine’s robust tannins, so while the wine is approachable today, it will reward those with the patience to lay it down for two to five years in their cellars.

Tasting Notes

This Cabernet Sauvignon demonstrates the complex flavors achieved by blending vineyard sub-blocks of one grape varietal. Clonal selection, trellising, sun exposure, mesoclimates and soils influence the layers of nuance in this elegant wine’s aromas and flavors. Its juicy, briary blackberry and cassis flavors are supported by brawny tannins, while savory herb and sweet oak spice notes weave through the ripe fruit expression. The 2013 vintage character is evident in the wine’s firm tannin structure, so while approachable today with an hour decant, this wine will certainly be even more complex with five to 10 years of bottle aging. Enjoy this classic wine with grilled steak, roast lamb and other full-flavored entrées.

Vineyard Notes

Encompassing the original Georges de Latour Estate, which was first planted in the early 1900s and is still owned by Latour’s descendants, this 80-acre property has a variety of alluvial fan soils that foster exceptional quality in Bordeauxstyle varietals. The intensity of this wine comes from the small-berry Cabernet Sauvignon clusters of UC Davis clones 4 and 6 and INRA (French) clone 337. Well draining, gravelly loam soils allow deep rooting and the development of complex flavors in the grapes.